A critique of Iran’s education system / Elham Khorsand

Parvazeghalam / Unfortunately, in Iran the memory oriented approach is one of the main challenges in the way of building, creativity and dynamicity in the students that as an obstacle prevents Their talents  from stirring up and breeding; therefore it is necessary for Iran’s education system to move away from theoretical education toward skill oriented education system

In the essence the education system should not be a consolidating system but changer and transformer; in the world that science doubles every seven days, the change is essential. In other words, we need to deconstruct and  innovate new methods. Meanwhile the change of attitude does not occur mere by circulars

The meaning of the change is sagacity

First and foremost we shall train wise people and referring to the ferdowsi’s poem: Be capable of being wise that capability is the skill; means a wise individual reaches capability and skill

In the world’s advanced countries, the training and teaching of all kinds of life skills begins in the  elementary levels and the entry of the children to the education system indirectly in the form of games and various projects, hand crafts, art, etc.  One the serious damages the children and students are facing with in different aspects is the lack teaching and training if the life skills. The teaching of the life skills is not practical and appropriate to the needs of students and society and mostly emphasizing on the memory based education. In the development of the educational contents and writing the textbooks curricula, the way of learning skills is very weak and so far no specific mechanism is considered for in the country’s education system. In order to build and improve the future we must train the children and by teaching the life skills educate them how to live a good life

?Where the harms of smoking and hookah is taught to the children

Is there any skill taught to children during education to live a better life in the society and better relations  with people,  make a living by that skill and meet their financial needs

The student solves difficult and complex issues in different subjects, but can not hold a screwdriver or pitch a tent or repair a simple device, can not cook but  memorizes the Everest height and the area of the country but unable to plan a domestic trip or  they don’t know the rightly treat their parents , friends, society, also right and proper use of TV and internet , satellites, internet and virtual world

The schools teach, but don’t teach how to learn and how to apply  what they learned. Instead of teaching fishing they give the fish to the children

Are the trainings for the preparation of the next generation and learning skills, better interaction to for the best of the society or filling the student’s mind with all kind of memorization that is forgotten in the future

All this matters means non creative training and killing creativity and dynamicity and etc

Elham Khorsand – Author and Researcher

درباره ی info@kalameghalam.ir

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