The role of principled and scientific packaging in exports / Dr Melika Molkara

Parvazeghalam/ Packaging is the first and vital factor to present and introduce a product. The packaging as a coverage of the products plays a crucial role in marketing and sales also for visual advertisements. Beside protecting the quality of the products packaging  supports the products from the very production stage to consumption,   likewise packaging affectes every country’s revenue and employment rate increasingly. The sales of that product is related directly to the quality, elegance and beauty of the product packaging

The packaging of the products intended for export, the culture and purchasing power and taste of the people of that country are the factors to determine the type of packaging

The capability of the packaging to protect the products and reaching safely to destination during the process of transportation and delivery is one of the concerns of the merchants and exporters. If during transportation of the goods, any damage or harm happens to the commodity resulting from Inappropriate packaging, the shipping company is not responsible for the damage and loss and the company would be able to prove the damage is a result of improper packaging

:Objectives and significant parameters for packaging consist of

 the safety of the products and preventing them from breaking, decaying and damage should the basis of the packaging

The packaging should prevent vulnerability and damaging and subsequent losses

The packaging should include the criteria of the marketing and sales of the products

Iran has a specific standing in the saffron production, although the cultivation and harvest of saffron takes a lot of toils for the farmers but the poor packaging , few and limited packaging companies as the weak spots have caused the competing  countries to supersede Iran

 capturing attentions is initially induced by packaging if the merchants and traders try to attract more customers by appropriate packaging and lower profit margin and exporting a good and flawless product, Seemingly the profit is lower but in general prevents the damages and decays in the transportation process

Dr. Melika MolkAra  –  researcher and business strategy consultant

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