Branding role in exports / Dr Melika Molkara

Parvazeghalam / Branding is the result of qualitative growth by utilizing the modern science and technology and makes a positive mentality in audiences. In many markets the brand name makes special identity for the brand owner and bonds them to a specific community. The branding increases the competitive advantage in the markets. Big economies have been flourished when the made the big name and brought it to maturity, while the number of these companies and big names are very few in out country therefore to gain more share in global markets branding is essential

National branding is the result of synergy between business and industry and could be become the basis of domestic production and national prosperity. A main reason of continuous sustainment of the brands in the world is constant evaluation of appropriate and desirable business environment. The fading brands are the establishments which don’t pay attention to the daily changes. The important signs and determining factors for evaluating the growth of developed countries and their success in ever increasing production and accessing global market is branding and introducing the production under the coverage of very good brands

The brand contribution in export marketing and modern competitive world is very crucial


Dr. Melika MolkAra – researcher and executive director


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