Parvazeghalam / The tourism industries is one of the world’s industries since introduce into the economic cycle, always has experienced a significant growth and alongside the industries such as petrochemicals has been considered  as a source of foreign currency. The tourism industry is among the most dynamic and developing sections in the world’s economy and a vital factor in the social and economic developments of regions and countries so that it is recognized as the three first rate profitable industries in the world

About two decades the tourism industries has been greatly expanded and different communities by taking advantage of the tourism industries to improve economic conditions through employment, making opportunities to attract tourists, improving economic indexes, branding, promoting and selling other country productions etc

The tourism development in addition to foreign currency revenues and facilitating the economic development, contributes in wealth distribution between world’s nations

As a significant point today the tourism is recognized beyond an industry has turned into socio economic phenomenon at the global level so to speak called development passport and the countries having well developed economy and markets have considered this industry as a very suitable option for socio economic development

The tourism industry can positively affect the entire supply chain of production and services of the society. In other words, when a natural environment is used to attract tourists, the hotels, motels, restaurants,  Recreation and welfare places, building the shopping centers , advertising other industries and productions belong to that local area, the entry of the prominent brands of a country to shopping centers, culture promotion of the local community, road construction, asphalting , beautification, Employment, turnovers, income generation, foreign currency inflow etc. are considered as positive effects of tourism. The social point of view about tourism, considers tourism as a phenomenon for the flourishing and improvement of the living conditions of the communities and eventually in a sustainable approach, tourism is considered as a powerful tool for implementation of sustainable development policies

Tourism economy in any place is subjected to Supply and demand that forms the tourism market. Therefore economy study and tourism market cognition, supply and demand in it can be considered as an outcome of the tourist expenses and host incomes. Today various kinds of tourism and have been identified and created and become the  basis of the economic development of societies including artistic, historical, marine, nature, urban, business and commercial, rural, ethnic and nomadic, religious, sports , adventurous, health, space, electronic, virtual, wilderness, educational and scientific, work, culture and health tourism and etc. Meanwhile tourism industries in Iran is in the state of stagnancy mostly caused by lack of government support and the unclear future of this industry and probably the withdrawal and resignation of the private sectors from parts of this industry. The tourism share in Iran’s economy in 2020 is over 3.1 percent and increased to 4.1 percent in 2021 due to pandemic reduction. Based on the statistics of the world bank,  Turkey tourism profit in 2019 before the pandemic recorded the 41 billion dollars which in comparison Iran recorded tourism profit as 5 billion dollars revenues, since from the fourth development plan on, the tourism has been matter of interest of authorities’ focus but the negligence and of the governments and the    neglect and ignoring the tourism industry caused to lag behind other countries in the region in this area

Among the capacities and potentials in tourism area is development of health tourism. Regarding the country’s potentials in this and according to the global standards , 2400 dollars per tourist is the profit for the country. Therefore, focusing on the tourism leads to economic development and less oil dependence and job opportunities employ the human resources in diverse fields. The tourism like other economic activities is a supply – demand based trade and the more prosperous tourism the more prosperous businesses linked to this industry and quickens the small trades and sequentially will be transmitted to the other economics sections

Dr. Melika MolkAra – researcher and economic activist  


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