Family economy / Dr. Mohsen Sadeghi niye

 Kalameghalam media interview with Dr. Mohsen Sadeghi Niye – Author,teacher and business consultant


What is the family economies and in its role in present economy situation of country

Family economy is a crucial national and international subject and the family is the major participant. The family economy is purposed to take advantage of the opportunities and purposeful economy activities to make revenues and preserving the family funds and presenting reasonable ideas in order to produce and provide services executively and operationally in the houses or solutions to optimal utilization of  resources. Generally the “work” is considered as a creative topic, it is jo necessarily an individual effort but requires the efforts of  a group of people in the society. The formation of family results people motivation growth to the pinnacle and the head and other members try to help in the improvement of family economic situation

One by making revenues and the other by saving and desirable utilization that and the extension of this matter to the social responsibilities of human toward other people of the society and the surrounding environment brings society to a high quality economic culture. Therefore, improvement of qualitative and quantitative levels of economic indexes

Of each family causes the improvement of the society so that the family economy is considered a national and international  issue


Does the family needs training considering the role of each family member in making revenues and optimal utilization of the family

The family economy among such is a very effective process in the national level. Economic activities can be looked upon from different aspects. From the making revenues aspects, saving, thrift, capital keeping and preservation, asset development etc

Therefore goes without saying that training is needed but the training is not necessarily achieved through academic trainings or schools or and training courses. All the mentioned methods are important but experimentally proven the practical training takes major role in this matter. These practical training may be passed from a generation to another, for example: a father experienced in a business teaches the skills and techniques to his child. Likewise these practical trainings can be learned through specialized courses, study a specialized book, apprenticeship in the desired profession etc. Therefore the role of training is very significant. Generally men as head of the families are involved in economic activities outside the home and meanwhile the women mostly are responsible for the economy within families, although the family economy requires the participation of all family members. When advising a child under the age of 10 to take a good care of his/her toys in that moment you are teaching the family economy to the child .So the training can be found in every layer of various levels of the families and in daily conversations


Regarding the different aspects economy, what subjects should be taken into consideration about the family economy and what  strategies should be adopted by family members to achieve a good management

Today that either women and men are engaged in activities inside and outside the home the importance of the family economy is regarded than in the past. Because the optimal financial management of the resources is one of the main pillars of the issue. Financial, time, human, physical, intangible, energy, technology, knowledge and equipment   resources are various resources involved in the family economy. Therefore the  heads of the families and individuals making revenues for the family should be able to optimally use the resources by like-mindedness and economic alignment to avoid wasting resources and improve economic Components. This matter also should be noted that optimal consumption does not mean  to consume less but prioritizing the needs and then spending resources in a least waste manner, in other words optimally using the resources. So sting the financial goals up is vital. For example, among all concerns housing for family or children is of great importance. This is not possible unless through long term planning on present resources and the upcoming resources


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